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Early Days in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Photo Images

Historic Cemeteries of South York Region

Lake Wilcox
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Along the shore of Lake Wilcox
2  Richmond Hill Photo Images: On the dock at Lake Wilcox
3  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Lake Wilcox sometime in the 1930s or 1940s.
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: River, the branch flowing out of Lake Wilcox.]
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Canadian Northern Railway, and Lake Wilcox prepared to welcome a new brickworks, the
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: hereabouts." 18 Meanwhile, at Lake Wilcox, more and more small parcels of land were
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: is situated on the east side of Lake Wilcox. The site extended at least 150 metres (about
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: on a rise of land 300 metres east of Lake Wilcox has since revealed several other
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: to summer cottage development around Lake Wilcox. Still later, in the closing decades of the

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