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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Historic Cemeteries of South York Region

Richmond Hill Presbyterian Cemetery
1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Presbyterian vault
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: choir. Behind the church stood the old cemetery which was often visited by public
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: of Abner Miles, Richmond Hill Presbyterian Cemetery. After his death on July 26, 1806, Abner
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Drive for a Presbyterian church, manse, cemetery, and public school. Sometime in 1811,
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: He was buried beside his father in the Presbyterian cemetery. His property on the southwest corner of Yonge
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: on September 25, 1843. He was buried in the cemetery that had developed among the pines where he first
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the Presbyterian Church and its cemetery stand today. He spoke to a large congregation who
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: raised a family, and was buried in the Presbyterian Church cemetery after his death in 1831.
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: were subsequently buried in the Richmond Hill Presbyterian Cemetery - but in the far southwest or "Potter's

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