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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Oak Ridges
1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Bond Lake, Oak Ridges
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: from the map? Why did others, like Oak Ridges, continue to develop? What similarities and
3  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Schomberg and Aurora Railway station at Oak Ridges.
4  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Routledge was appointed postmaster at Oak Ridges in 1889, and ran the mail operation from
5  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Routledge's blacksmith shop at Oak Ridges, with Walter Mortson in front.
6  Richmond Hill Photo Images: The Routledge farm in Oak Ridges. Watson is rolling the field.
7  Richmond Hill Photo Images: The Routledge farm in Oak Ridges. Watson is driving a 1914 Mogul, a 2
8  Richmond Hill Photo Images: The Routledge farm in Oak Ridges. Left to right: Peter Austin
9  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Shop on Yonge St. in Oak Ridges circa 1927 just before being torn down.
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: twentieth centuries. Then we come to Oak Ridges, where the old Schomberg and Aurora
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Pond, as it was known, all the way from Oak Ridges to the Holland River, the way remained a
12  Early Days in Richmond Hill: up Yonge Street - reaching Oak Ridges, Aurora, and Newmarket in 1899, Jackson's
13  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and Aurora Railway station at Oak Ridges. Just north of Bond Lake, the mainline
14  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and Aurora Railway station station at Oak Ridges, pictured as a fish and chip restaurant in
15  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and Aurora Junction Stop 37 Smith's Gate Stop 38 Oak Ridges Post Office Stop 39 Hulme's Gate Stop 40
16  Early Days in Richmond Hill: to Oak Ridges, on the height of land between Lake Ontario
17  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Office between Richmond Hill and Oak Ridges. They recorded an average ratio of 170 motor
18  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Hill than a separate hamlet. Oak Ridges was described as a "thriving community," with
19  Early Days in Richmond Hill: might make him the first settler in the Oak Ridges area of Richmond Hill, Bond spent most
20  Early Days in Richmond Hill: itself left much to be desired. The Oak Ridges, wrote Bonnycastle, were "remarkable
21  Early Days in Richmond Hill: nine inns between Langstaff Road and Oak Ridges during the mid-century heyday of
22  Early Days in Richmond Hill: on the east side, Gordon at Oak Ridges.
23  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Langstaff Corners, Bond Lake, and Oak Ridges, with a busy tannery at Elgin Mills and
24  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Routledge family of Oak Ridges. Pictured left to right are: mail carrier

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