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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Langstaff Corners
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: who gave his name to the settlement of Langstaff or Langstaff Corners, and whose
2  Richmond Hill Photo Images: early Langstaff family residence at Langstaff.
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and lumber As construction began through Langstaff, Richmond Hill, and Gormley in 1904, village
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and Newtonbrook, Thornhill, and Langstaff. Soon, the spires of Richmond Hill's
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Yonge Street. Daily traffic at Langstaff Corner during 1930 averaged 8374 automobiles and 78
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: daily average of 4132 cars whizzing by the Langstaff intersection; by 1929, the average reached
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: hotels catering to travellers at Langstaff Corners, Bond Lake, and Oak Ridges, with a busy
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Yonge Street, stood Langstaff, or Langstaff Corners. This community took its name from John
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: No. 3 on the Yonge Street highway, Langstaff Corners by mid-century had become a major stopping
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the Munshaws linked Langstaff Corners with eighteenth-century Richmond Hill,
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: at Langstaff Corners itself, the original Langstaff property
12  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the Langstaff corner, Mr. John Langstaff had
13  Early Days in Richmond Hill: practical joke played at Langstaff was to frighten people with a make-believe
14  Early Days in Richmond Hill: He married Margaret Cook of Langstaff, and fathered fourteen children, nine of whom
15  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Langstaff
16  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Pranks at Langstaff Corners

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