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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Langstaff, Rolph
1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: blacksmith shop of George Cowie, then Dr. Langstaff's and three more houses, and the funeral
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Many of these evenings featured old Dr. Rolph Langstaff skating alone at centre ice, "executing jumps and
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: his 1902 Oldsmobile. At age eighty-eight, Dr. Rolph Langstaff recalled what it was like to own Richmond
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: through Richmond Hill, and in 1902 Dr. Rolph Langstaff became the owner of the village's first
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Dr. Rolph Langstaff demonstrates his skating skills at age 85.
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: she retired, and - like her brother Rolph - lived to celebrate her one-hundredth
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: during the bad influenza epidemic. He and Dr. Rolph Langstaff took yearly turns as medical officer of health
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Hill medical practitioners. Their son, Dr. Rolph Langstaff, and his wife, Dr. Lillian Langstaff,
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Dr. Rolph Langstaff, with his housekeeper and her husband, on the
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: school speech about his grandfather, Dr. Rolph Langstaff. Langstaff was also a link with
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: From the highest pantry shelf, And young Langstaff couldn't help us 'Cause he was eating them
12  Early Days in Richmond Hill: "Dr. Langstaff Describes the Advent of the Horseless

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