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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Bond Lake Park
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Entrance to Bond Lake Park.
2  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Toronto, Sunday School Picnic at Bond Lake, 1914. Pictured are Martha Fortune Irwin,
3  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Picnic at Bond Lake Park in 1914.
4  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Boating on Bond Lake.
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Stop 34 Burnabie's and Legge's Gate Stop 35 Bond Lake Park Stop 36 Schomberg and Aurora Junction Stop 37
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: to map: Bond Lake Park in the 1920s, adapted by Janet Allin from a
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: virtues of Bond Lake Park are lavishly extolled in the
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: to Bond Lake Park. It begins with health considerations. "Its great
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Soon, our radial car approaches Bond Lake Park, the "Mecca of the pleasure seeker, nestling
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: cars for a day of fun and recreation at Bond Lake Park, June 20, 1924. Metropolitan Toronto
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: made and advertised for dancing in Bond Lake Park each Wednesday and Saturday evening,
12  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Cross fund-raising dance at Bond Lake Park, August 23, 1916. Village council followed
13  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the right-of-way over the next few months. Bond Lake Park closed forever following the 1928 summer
14  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Romance at Bond Lake Park
15  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the Highlands of York to Bond Lake Park

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