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1860s and earlier
Wright family photo albums, 1860-1900
Photos circa 1900 to 1940
Richmond Hill Public School
1  pictured on the front steps of the Richmond Hill Public School in 1915. Front row, left to right: -
2  Room 4, Richmond Hill Public School, in 1922. Pupils sit upright in double desks,
3  World War memorial in front of the Richmond Hill Public School, August 5, 1923. Umbrellas shelter Mr. and
4  Richmond Hill Public School, opened in 1847, pictured in a 1908
5   Richmond Hill School boys, 1886. On fence, A. Wiley. Back
6  Students of Richmond Hill Public School in 1891. The principal at the time was
7  Richmond Hill Public School class, Room 5, 1927. The teacher was
8  Richmond Hill Public School class, Room 7, 1924. The teacher was
9  Richmond Hill Public School and the War Memorial in the 1930s

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This electronic finding aid to the local historical photos of Richmond Hill is provided courtesy of the Richmond Hill Public Library.