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1860s and earlier
Wright family photo albums, 1860-1900
Photos circa 1900 to 1940
Richmond Hill
1  southbound through Richmond Hill, with the Trench Carriage
2  Harry Rumble's barn raising near Richmond Hill, July 28, 1908. One of the Rumble family
3  Railway station at Richmond Hill.
4  Aerial view of Richmond Hill's greenhouses in the 1930s, looking west
5  The P.G. Savage family of Richmond Hill, pictured in 1909. Left to right are
6  W.R. Pentland practised medicine in Richmond Hill from 1910 until he retired to California
7  A 12th of July Orange Parade in Richmond Hill, featuring the Union Jack and "King Billy"
8  Langstaff, the first automobile owner in Richmond Hill, at the wheel of his 1908
9  as medical officer of health for Richmond Hill during the 1920s. Wilson
10  Pioneer log home in the Richmond Hill area.
11  War of 1812 and prominent member of the Richmond Hill community, who accompanied Colonel
12  Dalby's Tavern), a mainstay of Richmond Hill's nineteenth-century hospitality industry.
13  dispensed medicine in Richmond Hill from 1849 to 1973.
14  corner. It was a major employer of Richmond Hill labour in the later decades of the
15  The Trench Carriage Works, Richmond Hill's largest employer during the 1870s.
16  Abraham Law, first reeve of Richmond Hill, 1873.
17  William Harrison was Richmond Hill's second reeve in 1874.
18  Susannah Maxwell. (1805-1922). Richmond Hill's and Canada's oldest citizen at the time of
19  of the municipal building of the Town of Richmond Hill.
20  The Young Canadians, Richmond Hill's championship lacrosse team of the 1880s.
21  wife, and son. Percival ministered to the Richmond Hill congregation from 1887 to 1894.
22  manse. Grant ministered to the Richmond Hill congregation from 1894 to 1909.
23  1858-1943 Clerk of the Village of Richmond Hill

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This electronic finding aid to the local historical photos of Richmond Hill is provided courtesy of the Richmond Hill Public Library.