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1860s and earlier
Wright family photo albums, 1860-1900
Photos circa 1900 to 1940
Langstaff, Rolph Lewis (1869-1969)
1  Dr. Rolph Langstaff, the first automobile owner in Richmond
2  during the bad influenza epidemic. He and Dr. Rolph Langstaff took yearly turns as medical officer of
3   Rolph Lewis Langstaff as a child. This photo is a copy of a tin-type taken circa 1877.
4   Rolph Langstaff as a medical student in 1889.
5   Rolph Langstaff with his first bicycle in 1885.
6  Dr. Rolph Langstaff as a recent graduate.
7  Dr. Rolph Langstaff, with his housekeeper and her husband, on
8  Dr. Rolph Langstaff's favorite horse Birdie.
9  Dr. Rolph Langstaff's first car, a 1902 Oldsmobile
10  The Langstaff house in 1915. James Langstaff, aged 3
11  Lillian and Rolph Langstaff after church.
12  The Langstaff house after the renovations.
13  The Langstaff house, before the 1939 renovations.

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