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1860s and earlier
Wright family photo albums, 1860-1900
Photos circa 1900 to 1940
Langstaff, Lillian (nee Carroll) (1883-1978)
1  Dr. Lillian Langstaff, guest speaker at the inaugural meeting of
2  Rolph Langstaff's future wife, Lillian Carroll as a little girl, circa 1885.
3  aunt Margaret Carroll, Lillian Carroll, her brother, Anson Carroll, and
4  Lillian and Isabel Carroll with a friend, Jessie
5  Lillian and Isabel Carroll with a friend, Jessie
6  Lillian Carroll at age 15.
7  Carroll children. Left to right: Lillian, Harry, and Anson.
8  Lillian Carroll with her uncle, David Carlisle.
9  E. Gordon, Miss Douglas, Dr. L. Langstaff, Mrs. E. Newton, Mrs. A.L.
10  Edith Beatty (left) and Lillian Carroll.
11  Medical school classmates Lillian Carroll (left) and Edith Beatty.
12  Lillian Carroll Langstaff at her 1905 medical school graduation.
13  cousins Isabel Carroll (left) and Lillian Carroll.
14  Left to right: Harry, Lillian, and Anson.
15  Lillian Langstaff's first car, a Ford Model T.
16  Lillian and Rolph Langstaff after church.

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