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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Historic Cemeteries of South York Region

1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the first year was out, individual Windham colonists began deserting the land. Some
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: to work for the improvement of his Windham properties and the betterment of his
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Saigeon seems to have been the only Windham settler who survived successfully as a
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: George thereafter. He arrived at the Windham settlement early in 1799, and for the next
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and Marguerite Vallière, daughter of a Windham blacksmith. St. George died in
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: settlement was more commonly referred to as Puisaye Town, after its colourful and eccentric leader, the
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: residents of the Windham settlement lived in temporary barracks and
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: disillusion seems to have set in at the de Puisaye Settlement. Servants brought from England deserted the
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the de Puisaye settlement at Windham. Ontario Historical Society De Puisaye

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