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Surnames on this stone
  Atkinson (9)
  Graham (1)
  Trench (1)

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North East Face

In Memory of
Will D. Atkinson
son of
Wm. & M. Atkinson
Died Dec. 31, 1895;
Aged 31 y'rs 10 mo.
Frances Trench
wife of
Will D. Atkinson
Died Nov. 29, 1948
Aged 84 years


South East Face

In Memory of
William Atkinson
Died Jan. 17, 1896;
Aged 65 y'rs 8 mo.
Mary Graham
wife of
William Atkinson
Died Apr. 30, 1895;
Aged 67 years
Robert I.
son of
Wm. & M. Atkinson
Died Apr. 17, 1871;
Aged 17 y'rs. 21 d's.

South West Face

John Atkinson Jr.
Died Dec. 5, 1854;
Aged 29 years.

North West Face

John Atkinson
Died Dec. 1, 1849;
Aged 59 years
Elizabeth Atkinson
wife of the above
Died May 17, 1865;
Aged 72 years.
Frances Atkinson
Died Jan. 7, 1858;
Aged 22 years.

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