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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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de Puisaye settlers
1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Richmond Hill residents - the de Puisaye settlers from France who settled farther north along
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: weeks of hard work in early 1799, the de Puisaye colonists seemed to make no further advances. "Their log
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the first year was out, individual Windham colonists began deserting the land. Some moved on to more
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: George, successful entrepreneur among the de Puisaye settlers, from an 1815 oil painting. Metropolitan Toronto
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: came north after the American Revolution. De Puisaye's group wanted to settle apart from the established
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: probably on Christmas Day, thirteen of de Puisaye's followers arrived at York. Colonial officials gave

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