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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Town Park
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Entrance to the Village Park in the 1920s.
2  Richmond Hill Photo Images: off Yonge Street into the park during the 1923 reunion.
3  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Richmond Hill Spring Fair at Exhibition Park. c.1900.
4  Richmond Hill Photo Images: 5 in front of the ticket office at the fairgrounds.
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: to light the new bandstand in the park east of the station.
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: then retraced its steps back to the Town Park, passing under an evergreen arch at
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: people enjoyed the festivities at the park that afternoon. There were speeches by
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Council also authorized the use of the municipal park for recruiting and drilling purposes, and
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: west of town, an arena in the village park, and numerous commercial buildings. By the
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Horticultural Society to improve the municipal park. It lobbied Council on litter and safety
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: to the Village Park in the 1920s. The reunion began on a
12  Early Days in Richmond Hill: off Yonge Street into the park during the 1923 reunion. The real
13  Early Days in Richmond Hill: evening, men and women came together in the park for the grand finale - a carnival and
14  Early Days in Richmond Hill: get-together. There it stood in the village park, looming over most of the festivities, a giant
15  Early Days in Richmond Hill: ago. The general meeting will be in the Park, where the Community dancing will take place
16  Early Days in Richmond Hill: have visited our new rink in the Park, and the opinion is freely expressed that
17  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the condition of those roads, acquired park land, provided a well-trained volunteer
18  Early Days in Richmond Hill: built over the gateway leading to the Park. Had the fire not been seen by some of the
19  Early Days in Richmond Hill: The match took place on the village's "New Park Ground," before a grandstand "packed with ladies" and
20  Early Days in Richmond Hill: its new song - "Playing on the New Park Ground," which, The Liberal informed its readers,
21  Early Days in Richmond Hill: east of Yonge Street for a new public park, later building an agricultural hall, curling

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