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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Stouffville Road
1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: A slight bend in the highway north of Stouffville Road announces Bond Lake, where residents
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: of the highway, about halfway between Stouffville Road and 19th Avenue, stands the
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: But from there all the way north to Stouffville Road, Jones's 1797 report is blank. The following
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: in 1797, activity resumes north of Stouffville Road:
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: of Woodbine Avenue and Stouffville Road beyond the boundaries of present-day
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Elgin Mills Road north to Stouffville Road. Twenty-two lots of two hundred acres (about
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: side of Yonge Street just south of Stouffville Road, near the historical marker commemorating the

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