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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Historic Cemeteries of South York Region

St. Mary's Anglican Church
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: St. Mary's Anglican Church rectory, with Mrs. H.F. Battersby
2  Richmond Hill Photo Images: St. Mary's Anglican Church, after completion of spire.
3  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Looking from the east at St. Mary's Anglican Church on the left, the Presbyterian Manse, and
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: years of the nineteenth century - Anglican and Presbyterian churches on the west
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: where the combined choirs of the Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: in 1857 and the Anglicans built one on Yonge Street, south of the
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: south of the Presbyterians stood St. Mary's Anglican Church, which had just installed an organ, "costing
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: as their rivals. The spire was built, but St. Mary's continually struggled with financial problems and
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Mackenzie Drive, the spire of St. Mary's Anglican Church and the tower of Richmond Hill
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: in comparison with its neighbour, St. Mary's Anglican Church, and the proposed Methodist edifice. So on
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: St. Mary's Anglican Church rectory, with Mrs. H.F. Battersby on
12  Historic Churches of South York Region: St. Mary's Anglican Church is unique among the churches in Richmond Hill's

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