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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Richmond Hill Presbyterian Sunday School
1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: affection for youngsters, teaching Sunday School and leading youth groups. He encouraged kids
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: what may have been Upper Canada's first Sunday School, although classes begun that same year by
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: temper," states the official history of the Richmond Hill Presbyterian Sunday School, "but when roused would display considerable
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: he had started the settlement's first Sunday School; later he was founding president of a local
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: evolved from James Miles' first Sunday School of 1811, or it may even have started a year
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: was preaching, fire was burning in the Sunday School room a few feet behind him. Just after the
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: boasting an imposing tower, complete Sunday School facilities, and a sanctuary seating 410 on

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