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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Historic Cemeteries of South York Region

Richmond, Charles Lennox, Duke of
1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Duke of Richmond, as depicted by a cartoonist. National
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: to July 1819 and then benefit from the Duke of Richmond's visit? Or did Barnard's efforts come
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: whether credit ultimately goes to the Duke of Richmond or "The Lass." More important are the
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Charles Lennox, fourth Duke of Richmond and Lennox,
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: a community definitely named in his honour. The Duke's body was taken to Quebec, where on September 4 he
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Hill is "named after the fourth Duke of Richmond." This information is repeated in Nick and Helman
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: C-8997 Yet serious doubts surround the Duke of Richmond story, despite its survival in popular mythology.

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