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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: although classes begun that same year by Presbyterians in Gananoque usually receive the
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: William Jenkins, a popular Presbyterian preacher, to settle in the community and
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Stockton of New Jersey, and was ordained a Presbyterian cleric. He distinguished himself as a scholar
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: 1830s, and early 1840s, the community's Presbyterians remained in the popular, although
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: it. Another nagging thought: Would the Presbyterians have started their building in 1819, when we
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: members of Reverend William Jenkins' Presbyterian congregations predominated. Only one
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: no one from Reverend William Jenkins' Presbyterian congregations.
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: was especially noticeable among the Presbyterians. What a change it must have been to move from
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: or sharing sanctuary space with the Presbyterians. In 1847, Richmond Hill Methodists hired
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Reverend James Dick of the Presbyterians) two doctors (John Duncumb and
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: in church enterprise as our own." The Presbyterians of Richmond Hill, argued the editorial, "can
12  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Catholics lagged behind the Methodists, Presbyterians, and Anglicans in numbers, in wealth, and
13  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Methodists helped spur on the rival Presbyterians who were building a new structure at the same
14  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and to some extent motivated the Presbyterians, there was also the challenge of keeping up
15  Early Days in Richmond Hill: William Jenkins and the Presbyterians

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