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Patterson Brothers
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Mr. Mahoney worked at the Patterson implement factory for $1.50 a day.
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: accompany this manufacturing enterprise, Patterson Brothers established their own "company town." The
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Patterson Brothers, the move only delayed the inevitable at a time of
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: departure of the Patterson works and the decline of the Patterson community
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Major Mackenzie Drive. The "firm" was Patterson Brothers, and its factory was located along the
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Mr. Mahoney worked at the Patterson implement factory for $1.50 a day. There Patterson
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: were generally far from satisfactory, the Patterson works were exemplary - well ventilated, neat, clean,
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: 1884 - a time when prospects appeared rosy. Company output for the year was expected to be 400
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: 1885, however, Patterson's found itself in difficulties. The firm wanted
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: endorsed their council's $35,000 bonus, and Patterson's moved "lock, stock and implements" to
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: - too little, too late to save the Patterson farm implement business from leaving the district in 1886, but with great

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