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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Moodie, Robert
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Marion Smith Graham in front of the old Colonel Moodie home on Lot 49 East, Yonge Street
2  Richmond Hill Photo Images: community, who accompanied Colonel Robert Moodie on his ride down Yonge Street
3  Richmond Hill Photo Images: The old Moodie house on Lot 49 circa 1900.
4  Richmond Hill Photo Images: The old Moodie house on Lot 49 circa 1900.
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Smith Graham in front of the old Colonel Moodie home on Lot 49 East, Yonge Street On the
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: readily agreed to accompany Moodie on his ride to Toronto. Hugh Stewart
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: upon the Queen's highway," challenged Moodie.
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: 1837 Rebellion - the shooting of Colonel Robert Moodie outside Montgomery's Tavern on
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: was allowed a brief visit with Moodie, "who I found lying on the floor in a small
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: after Moodie had fallen in front of the tavern,
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: "loyal" population at the residence of Robert Moodie on Lot 49 East, across the road and south a
12  Early Days in Richmond Hill: referred to him respectfully as "Colonel" Moodie and his residence was always "Colonel
13  Early Days in Richmond Hill: in number about 60, opposite Colonel Moodie's house." Fearing their intentions, Stewart, by
14  Early Days in Richmond Hill: by Mary-Lou Griffin Stewart found the Colonel and his family safe inside, quite unaware of
15  Early Days in Richmond Hill: time Francis Boyd arrived at Moodie's place, then William Crew, and
16  Early Days in Richmond Hill: farmed Lot 51 West. As Crew came out Moodie's door and prepared to saddle up, Munshaw
17  Early Days in Richmond Hill: o'clock, word had reached the loyalists at Moodie's that Crew had been stopped and taken prisoner.
18  Early Days in Richmond Hill: role in Tory politics, and like Moodie, enjoyed being called
19  Early Days in Richmond Hill: names are familiar: Richard Gapper, Robert Moodie, Hugh Stewart, David Bridgeford, and
20  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Canadian-born; only one (the ill-fated Robert Moodie) was Scottish-born. Their religious
21  Early Days in Richmond Hill: assault on Montgomery's Tavern, Colonel Moodie was buried in the churchyard of Holy Trinity
22  Early Days in Richmond Hill: 7 - perhaps after returning in a rage from Moodie's funeral - he apparently tried to hang one of
23  Early Days in Richmond Hill: of Colonel Moodie in Trinity churchyard,
24  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Colonel Moodie Rides Down Yonge

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