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Montgomery's Tavern
1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: 20 The designated meeting place was Montgomery's Tavern on Yonge Street, north of present-day
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: no difficulty until they reached Montgomery's Tavern, where a rebel guard blocked the road.
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the second guard. In passing the door at Montgomery's house I heard an order given, either 'prepare to fire'
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: which was drawn up about fifty yards below Montgomery's. We failed in getting through. They got hold
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Colonel Robert Moodie outside Montgomery's Tavern on December 4, 1837, from a pen and ink drawing
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: by the rebel force still gathered at Montgomery's. Initially threatened with execution as a spy,
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: ill-clad and poorly armed rebels left Montgomery's and marched down Yonge Street towards
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: force of some five to six hundred at Montgomery's Tavern. During the second "battle" the rebels were routed
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: 7, the day of the government assault on Montgomery's Tavern, Colonel Moodie was buried in the churchyard
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Crew: Crew escaped from his captors at Montgomery's Tavern and made his way home to Richmond Hill. On
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: of the rebels after the battle of Montgomery's Farm was almost impossible - even on horseback."

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