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Early Days in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Photo Images

Historic Cemeteries of South York Region

Mill Street
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Mahoneys lived at the west end of Mill Street. Mr. Mahoney worked at the
2  Richmond Hill Photo Images: 237 Mill Street, built in 1877 by Frank Cook for William
3  Richmond Hill Photo Images: 317 Mill Street in 1923. The house was built in 1885 by
4  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Looking west on Mill St. from a little east of Bridgeford
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: displays his day's catch of fish from the Mill Pond. In 1921, for example, village
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Catholics built a church on Mill Street in 1857 and the Anglicans built
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Inc. Arnold, Centre, Richmond, Wright, and Mill streets as far west as the Mill Pond,
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: the north, an irregular line beyond the Mill Pond on the west, and a line about at today's
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Mill Street is in a deplorable condition; mud and water
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: connection between Richmond and Mill streets in the western part of the village.
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: laboured on. The old church on Mill Street was enlarged in 1874, then replaced twenty
12  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Mahoneys lived at the west end of Mill Street. Mr. Mahoney worked at the

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