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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Mackenzie, William Lyon
1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and state. He was a friend and admirer of William Lyon Mackenzie. Together with William and Robert
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: majority in the Legislative Assembly, Mackenzie and Ketchum won re-election as
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: increasingly rallied around William Lyon Mackenzie, the fiery Scot who sat for York in the
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: summer or early autumn of 1837 that Mackenzie decided to incite rebellion, although the
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: of Toronto were prepared to follow Mackenzie into rebellion. They had been hit by a series
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: crackdown on rebel activities, Mackenzie's cohorts advanced the date of the rising from
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: - had returned Jesse Ketchum and William Lyon Mackenzie, two of the more radical Reform members of
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: things will go better than the last time." Mackenzie, of course, was playing an extremely important
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and Edward - grew ever more hostile to Mackenzie through the year 1830. Much of the animosity
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: in Richmond Hill to nominate Mackenzie and Ketchum for re-election. But
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: same day, December 5, Mackenzie and about five hundred ill-clad and poorly
12  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Hill? What sort of men answered Mackenzie's call to arms and marched on Toronto that first
13  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Mackenzie's men fled from the battlefield on December
14  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Cottage, 86 Major Mackenzie Drive, dating from the 1840s. Still, many of
15  Early Days in Richmond Hill: District Agricultural Society, in which Mackenzie had once found supporters, reflected this new

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