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Langstaff, Lillian (nee Carroll) (1883-1978)
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Dr. Lillian Langstaff, guest speaker at the inaugural meeting of
2  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Rolph Langstaff's future wife, Lillian Carroll as a little girl, circa 1885.
3  Richmond Hill Photo Images: aunt Margaret Carroll, Lillian Carroll, her brother, Anson Carroll, and
4  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Lillian and Isabel Carroll with a friend, Jessie
5  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Lillian and Isabel Carroll with a friend, Jessie
6  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Lillian Carroll at age 15.
7  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Carroll children. Left to right: Lillian, Harry, and Anson.
8  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Lillian Carroll with her uncle, David Carlisle.
9  Richmond Hill Photo Images: E. Gordon, Miss Douglas, Dr. L. Langstaff, Mrs. E. Newton, Mrs. A.L.
10  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Edith Beatty (left) and Lillian Carroll.
11  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Medical school classmates Lillian Carroll (left) and Edith Beatty.
12  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Lillian Carroll Langstaff at her 1905 medical school graduation.
13  Richmond Hill Photo Images: cousins Isabel Carroll (left) and Lillian Carroll.
14  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Left to right: Harry, Lillian, and Anson.
15  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Lillian Langstaff's first car, a Ford Model T.
16  Richmond Hill Photo Images: Lillian and Rolph Langstaff after church.
17  Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church
18  Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church

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