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Early Days in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Photo Images

Historic Cemeteries of South York Region

Boyle, David
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: James Playter Jr., and later by the Boyle family.
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: J. Clark's 1928 map of the Boyle-Atkinson Site. David Boyle was the first
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: when told of the existence of ashbeds, Boyle took spade in hand and began digging. During
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and other early discoveries fuelled Boyle's interest in New World archaeology and helped
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Boyle focused little of his later attention on his
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: to the site first described by Boyle almost forty years earlier. Clark gives a
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: James Playter Jr., and later by the Boyle family. By the early 1800s, local residents
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: house. This was the property bought by David Boyle in the early 1860s and renamed Braeside
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: 1893, when it was purchased by the Boyle family. Just prior to the First World

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