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Early Days in Richmond Hill

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Berczy settlers
1  Early Days in Richmond Hill: On October 17, with thirty-three of his German-speaking settlers and five hired hands, Berczy began work
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: welcoming newcomers - William Berczy's German-speaking settlers who had been promised land in return for working
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Berczy settlers and later German Americans who persevered
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: was able to settle Berczy's people on their lands by mid-November. They would be
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Ogden could have guessed. Most of the Berczy settlers spent the winter of 1794-95 in miserable
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: first eighteen months. About a third of the Berczy people moved back to Niagara and spent several years
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: pioneers and Markham's German-speaking settlers overcame initial hardships to carve permanent
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: to a close, the mixture of English and German-speaking settlers farther south along Yonge Street, Bayview
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: in New York and attached himself to William Berczy's German settlers, who were moving from the Genesee country to Upper
10  Early Days in Richmond Hill: soon broke away from the Berczy group, however, and headed directly for

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