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Author's Preface
1 The Road through Richmond Hill
2 First Peoples on the Land
3 The European Settlers Arrive
4 From Miles' Hill to Richmond Hill: The Birth of a Community
5 Tories and Reformers
6 Stagecoach Lines and Railway Tracks
7 The Neighbours at Mid-Century
8 Fire Brigades and Fence Viewers
9 Picture Post Card Village of the 1880s and 1890s
10 Rails through Richmond Hill
11 The Flowering of Richmond Hill
12 The Village Transformed
Table of Illustrations
Richmond Hill Methodist Church
1   churches on the west side of the street, Methodist and Roman Catholic on the
2   Yonge Street from the roof of the Methodist Church, circa
3   Yonge Street from the roof of the Methodist Church, circa 1911-15. Key to
4   Centre Street from the roof of the Methodist Church, circa 1911-1915. Key to
5   Methodist Church drive
6   Methodist parsonage
7   Then Sanderson's, the Methodist (United) Church, the Masonic Hall, A.J.
8   School. There the Ladies' Aid of the Methodist Church joined other community groups in laying wreaths
9   auditorium of the Methodist Church was well filled on Tuesday evening with an
10   as the only community centre. Itinerant Methodist and Presbyterian preachers came up
11   at the Richmond Hill Roman Catholic church in April 1859. Under the supervision of
12  Richmond Hill Methodist Church, dedicated on July 1, 1849. While the
13   of the Richmond Hill Presbyterian church, 1847-1877. Village Methodists were also
14   about 300 in number, repaired to the church, where the meeting was presided over by Amos
15   Methodists for their new 1880 church building.
16   Society. He was active in the Methodist Church for over half a century. Above all, he wrote
17   or if only one, a spray as high as the Methodist [United] Church spire. Water was supplied from
18   Yonge Street and to the north, the new Methodist Church was deemed "one of the finest Church edifices in
19   church - and to keep pace with the new Methodist and Presbyterian buildings, the
20   following the construction of the new Methodist Church, and the installation of a new half-ton bell in
21   right side of Yonge Street, the Richmond Hill Methodist Church and St. Mary Immaculate Roman Catholic
22   the Richmond Hill Methodist (later United) Church in 1880-81. The completed
23   flames burst through the roof, and the Richmond Hill Methodist Church with all its contents burned to the
24   twentieth-century communion card) for the Richmond Hill Methodist Church, 1884. Fortunately, the Methodists numbered
25   for The Liberal as a "beautiful new church, which for lofty spire, great seating capacity,
26   1887 to 1894. Such superlatives for the Methodists helped spur on the rival Presbyterians
27   of the workmen at the Methodist Church, named Blanchard, had his watch
28   purposes. This bell replaced the Methodist Church bell as the official "Town Bell." It rang out
29   to hear in the north end. "Since the church bell has ceased to ring we are at a loss to know
30   Good Feeling: A Sunday School Picnic at the Richmond Hill Methodist Church, June 17,

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