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1 The Road through Richmond Hill
2 First Peoples on the Land
3 The European Settlers Arrive
4 From Miles' Hill to Richmond Hill: The Birth of a Community
5 Tories and Reformers
6 Stagecoach Lines and Railway Tracks
7 The Neighbours at Mid-Century
8 Fire Brigades and Fence Viewers
9 Picture Post Card Village of the 1880s and 1890s
10 Rails through Richmond Hill
11 The Flowering of Richmond Hill
12 The Village Transformed
Table of Illustrations
Markham Township
1  Markham and Whitchurch, Vaughan and
2   begrudged time spent away from their own Markham Township farm lands to the east, working on a road
3   to increase their investment in Markham Township without some prospect of an early return.
4   Street and a colonizer of adjacent Markham Township, William Berczy easily qualifies as "one of
5   settlers were to obtain free lands in Markham Township in return for working on the Yonge
6   eastward to the first concession of Markham Township. 11
7   Jones saw much more activity on the east or Markham Township side of Yonge Street than on the
8   its homes can be seen the whole township of Markham and a little of Scarboro, not forgetting
9   family home on Lot 20, Concession 2, Markham Township. Horner operated the first milk delivery business
10   south half of lot 45, Concession One, Markham Township, 1922, with Richard Stephenson
11   village council and the townships of Markham, Vaughan, and North York. The four
12   the 1920s. Of the 1316 Richmond Hill, Markham Township, and Markham Village school children inspected
13   once designated as Lot 28, Concession 3, Markham Township. Here we can stand on the road's eastern
14   Street and to the east and west in Markham, Whitchurch, Vaughan, and King townships.
15   took up permanent land on Lot 35 of Markham Township, the southeast corner of present-day
16   In 1798 the Shaws moved onto Lot 46 of Markham Township, the northeast corner of today's Yonge
17   In 1803, Berczy's "Census of Markham Settlers" shows the following names on the
18   (about twenty-six thousand hectares) of Markham Township land granted by the Executive Council of
19   his initial partial survey of Markham Township, the municipality stretching east from
20   colony. The homesteaders were alone in the Markham bush.
21   direct other settlers of German origin to Markham Township. 13 In the late 1790s and through the early
22   Street's English-speaking pioneers and Markham's German-speaking settlers overcame initial
23   Street properties in 1800 - Lot 45 in Markham Township and lots 45 and 46 in Vaughan Township
24   tax assessor and tax collector for Markham, Vaughan, Whitchurch, and King townships.
25   Cooper and Mary McKennen of Markham on June 20, 1819. Some of the entries in the
26   (eighty-hectare) farm near Cashel in Markham Township.
27   David Gibson; the Third Riding (Markham Township) chose Thomas David Morrison; while
28   Street and the back concessions of Markham Township included John Burr, James Barry, David
29   core of loyalists was joined on the Markham side by Archibald Barker, John and
30   taken his Richmond Hill and rural Markham Township congregations out of the United Synod
31   farmers and settlers of Vaughan and Markham discussed recommendations for responsible
32   of Union School Section No. 3 of Markham and Vaughan townships. This and other
33   serving as Presbyterian minister in Markham on Sundays. Still, he found time to develop a
34   As long as the residents of neighbouring Markham and Vaughan, Whitchurch and King
35   surrounding townships. By mid-century, Markham and Whitchurch townships to the east and
36   Richmond Hill Pioneers Map While Markham and Vaughan in the south and
37   farming, was elected the first reeve of Markham after rural municipal institutions were
38   Richmond Hill itself. Similarly, a Markham council meeting could easily focus on the
39   west and union school sections brought Markham and Vaughan children together for their
40   Wright, first reeve of Markham Township in 1850, member of Parliament for
41   and from the second concession of Markham (Bayview Avenue) in the east to the second
42   stylish. Ottawa, the most intelligent. Markham, fond of novel reading and flirting.

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