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Surnames on this stone
  Davis (1)
  Green (1)
  Mundey (12)
  Wiley (1)

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East face

In memory of
Joseph Mundey
died April 23rd 1906
in his 74th year
Mary Jane
wife of
Joseph Mundey
died March 3, 1900
in her 62nd year

Amiable. She won all.
Intelligent. She charmed all.
Fervent. She loved all.
And dead she sadenned all.

South face

Alice died
July 19, 1860
aged 8 mos.
Elizabeth J. died
March 28, 1869
aged 6 wks. 3 dys.
Sarah A. died
May 30, 1870
aged 6 yrs. 16 dys.
Susan B. died
June 28, 1878
aged 1 yr. 7 mos.
children of
J. & M. J. Mundey

Thekla B. Mundey Wiley
Feb. 16, 1907 -- May 8, 1998
daughter of
William & Pearle

North face

In memory of
Fannie Green
died March 4, 1912
Nellie M. Mundey
died May 15, 1946
in her 72nd year


West face

William Bell
Oct. 22, 1878 Nov. 29, 1954
his beloved wife
Pearle Edith Davis
Oct. 28, 1882 April 7, 1955
their son Elbert Bell
Sept. 15, 1905 Aug. 25, 1923
also their son
Quentin Bell
June 24, 1909 Oct. 27, 1965

Passer by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now you'll have to be
Prepare for Death and Eternity.

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